Seventeen-year-old Anna is on track to lead her most perfect life. Living lavishly near her private school in Greenwich, Anna enjoys the security of her Ivy League boyfriend and the comfort of her beloved dogs and horses. However, when her older brother begs her to return home to New York City and help him sort out a sexting scandal, Anna meets a boy who threatens to throw her entire life off course. A notorious playboy, Alexia “Count” Vronsky is everything Anna isn’t: impulsive, wild, and ready to risk it all to be with her. As the two become entangled in an irresistible affair, Anna is forced to confront whether the life she always thought she would lead is the one she truly wants. A fresh, diverse take on a renowned classic, Anna K offers up an electrifying and heart-wrenching tale that holds true to the timeless themes of Tolstoy’s work—with a bit more sex, drugs, and selfies along the way. 

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